The mother of a child who was present in the highly controversial kindergarten classroom transgender incident at an elite charter school in Rocklin, California shared her traumatizing story at a recent school board meeting. Her daughter is five.

She began her narrative stating that she and her husband were huge fans of the Rocklin Academy Gateway prior to the transgender incident. “We loved this school and our children were invested and loved this school,” she said.

“I thought that they would take my religious beliefs, my, I mean, I am part of the public, right? I thought they would take those into consideration,” the mother stated.

“Instead, they swept us aside like we were trash, like, we have plenty of children on the waitlist, if you are not going to comply with what we want to do and say to your kindergartener…”

At this point her voice broke and she struggled to regain her composure.

“ … who was very confused … ”

After mastering her emotions somewhat she said, “All I would have wanted was the chance to talk to her ahead of time.”

The mother understandably wanted to know what happened that day inside of the teacher Kaelin Swaney’s classroom. But when searching for answers from the school officials, she ran into a brick wall.

To read the full story click HERE.

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